Glide Photography

Introduction: Glide Photography

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This is a cool way to turn your stunt kite into a hang glider.You need a rogallo stunt kite mine has a 24 inch wingspan which is enough to lift a micro camera. This is cool to have aerial photography.

Step 1: Fixing Camera

I ductaped the micro camera to the main spar simple and effective.

Step 2: Flying

Throw it off a high place make it go in nose dive for extra lift. Average glide 5 secs

Step 3: Camera Location



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    6 Discussions

    Mrandle I bought a power kite but it hasent came yet

    You could use a kite surfing trainer kite. It's basically the same thing just with more power. They aren't too expensive either and way more fun than the stunt kite. Only problem is you might need more wind is all.

    I balanced the camera in the middle of the kite. The same center of gravity as a hang glider.

    Prism 4-d is probably better because it has more wing area. But have enough weight so it glides. The 24 inch stunt kite flies well a bigger kite would be better. Now a 50 inch kite would float down that's to much area

    I suspect a bigger kite would have more flying time if there is no wind. 24 inches is a very small stunt kite. I have a Micron by Prism which is about the same size. I also have a Prism 4-D (it's twice the size and it's a superlight) which do you think would be better for this?

    Where did you tape the camera to the stunt kite? Where on the spine of your kite is the balancing point after you attatched the camera?