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Introduction: Glitter in Traditional Wear - Aari Work

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

Aari hand work designs are very Shining, Sparkle. Its very costly for aari works because it takes time and hard work. But it is a perfect function wear. It attract every one. The design contain glittering beads, Glass tubes, Sparkle threads etc... My wife learn aari work last year and do some designs for her and my baby. Aari works also found in curtains, Show case dolls, fashion dresses, Purses etc..

Bring ur design (computer or hand draw) in ur cloth

U also lean aari work from here................

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed

1) Aari work ring for holding cloth (available in many size)

2) Threads (Lot of colors and shines are available)

3) Aari work needle.(The tip is like hook to pull thread)

4) Sparkle beads, Glass tubes.

5) Cloth (Mostly done in Silk cloth also done in normal cloth)

6) White carbon paper.

7) Designs draw by own or download from internet

First learn the basic steps using normal cloth and low cost beads, once able to work freely start with costly cloths and beads. First we saw the basic knot...

Step 2: Set Up the Cloth

1) The ring contain two wooden rings, inner ring is fixed size, outer ring has a screw to tight and loose)

2) Loose the screw and separate two rings. As per size of the cloth select the ring size we have two rings now.

3) Place the small ring on the floor.

4) Cover the ring with the cloth we want to design.

5) Place the big ring over the cloth and clamp with small ring.

6) Tight the screw in the ring.

7) Pull the cloth in all the side of the ring and make the cloth straight (With out wrinkles).

8) Fully tight the Screw. Now the cloth is ready for stretch.

Step 3: Start Basic Knot

1) Take a thread roll and in the pull the thread and put knot in the thread.

2) Put 3 to 5 knots in the same place to make it like a tiny ball.

3) Place the edge with ball on the back side of the ring. Hold it in the left hand.

4) Turn the front portion facing U.

5) Take the Aari needle in the right hand and push the hook side in it to the cloth.

6) By using the left hand roll the thread one time on the needle.

7) Now pull the needle out from the cloth using right hand.

8) The thread come out through the cloth while pull due to the thread hooked in the needle hook. But due to one side the knot in the thread and on the other side the thread is long in the roll a oval shape thread is seen over the cloth and the needle is in the center of that oval shape.

9) Again push the needle through the cloth.

10) By using the left hand roll the thread one time on the needle.

11) Now pull the thread out from the cloth and bring the thread out between the previous oval.

12) Hold the thread tight in the left hand and pull the thread using the needle. This tighten the previous thread.

13) Now the new oval is form and the needle is between the thread.

14) Repeat the step 9 to 13 and form the design.


Don't pull the thread in the left hand, if u pull all the knots gone and thread again in ur hand. To correct it want to close the knot it show in next steps.

Step 4: Add Beads - Type 1

Two types of beads added

1st one for flat beads only

2nd one for all types of beads and glass tubes.

1) During basic knot put the bead on the front side of the cloth.

2) Push the needle through the center hole of the bead.

3) And Pull the thread back and continue as per basic steps.

in this the whole bead is below the thread

Step 5: Add Beads - Type 2

In the step 2

1) Remove the needle and insert the bead or glass in to the needle.

2) Hold thread out from the cloth in the hook.

3) Transfer the bead or glass tube from the hook to the thread.

4) According to the length of the bead or glass tube push the needle in to the cloth and continue the basic steps.

See the Different between the two types in the last image.

Step 6: Close the Knot

Close the know is very important. If u don't close the knot by pull the thread leading to get all the thread in hand no no knots in the cloth.

1) After the last knot cut the oval thread.

2) Remove the thread with roll.

3) Insert the needle from behind the cloth and pull the remaining thread to the back side.

4) Insert the needle to the last knot in the back side and pull the remaining thread and put a knot with the last knot.

Now the knot is close.

Step 7: Training for a Week With Basic Shapes

Training makes a man perfect

1) Draw a Straight line on the cloth using pencil and do aari work over the line.

2) Then draw zig zag line and do aari work over the line.

Like wise draw wave line, Circle, Oval, star, Heart shape etc. Get full training in ordinary cloth using low cost thread..

Step 8: Designing and Aari Work

Different ways to design for each items

If u want to design it for blouse then at first draw the template of blouse in the cloth and plan the places like neck , back side, hand for design, draw in that places and than start work.

Types of drawing

1) If u expert in drawing draw ur design in free hand in cloth using white pencil (Even u expert in drawing if u want same design and size for lot of dress then draw in paper and trace it).

2) If u know basic in drawing then draw ur design in paper and trace it using white carbon.

3) If u zero in drawing search for nice design in internet, Take print out and trace it using white carbon.

Here i show the current design in progress for my one year old baby dress

1) Draw the design on the paper.

2) Put the silk cloth on the flat surface.

3) Put white carbon over the cloth.

4) Put the design paper over the white carbon.

5) By using the aari needle back side i trace the design into the cloth.

6) This is a small design so she use small Aari ring.

Step 9: Various Design Already Done

First one is a blouse, and next two are sarees. These are the designs she done.

Costly Aari work is done for bride sarees and Blouse. Search on the internet to found lot of aari design dresses.

U also purchase Aari work design dresses online.

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Question 4 weeks ago

im trying very hard to learn aari work. I can now cast on and off and embroider beads now I want to design and try to create something beautiful. should i draw my design on the fabric before or after i stretch it into the ring. hope you can advise thanks icejan


1 year ago on Introduction

Sir..plz do a video on bead will be very help full


3 years ago

Sir,I'm residing at one of the beginners for Aari work.After reading your post it helps me a lot and gave more trying and it working out . So far I used to freehand drawing designs alone. I want to try tracing using white carbon paper as you said .. I tried nearby shops but couldn't.pls guide me where can I get it .


3 years ago

Sir, where can i get white colour carbon paper in chennai ....


3 years ago

Very nice...neat and clearly explained for the beginers...easy to learn from ur steps...quite interesting...thanks a lot for your info. Sir..If possible guide me to do vermicei stichesusing aari needle


3 years ago

Hi, i tired doing tis work doing wid aari needle but while taking out thread from below , cloth thread will also com up along wid my beneath of left hand thread dont kno how avoid cloth thread coming along wid it....


Reply 3 years ago

Its practice. Still when i try also needle get stuck. But my wife use the needle correctly. just pull the needle little side wise opposite to hook and remove it.


3 years ago

Looking fa uva response asap m curious to learn


3 years ago

Hi could you please tell me
How and where to measure in the blouse for designing ... I'm new to this


4 years ago

may i know from where u got that thread and is it available online?


Reply 4 years ago

Sorry for the late reply.. We purchase it in local shop it also available in online.


4 years ago on Introduction

This looks amazing. I will surely give it a try. My mom is also very fond of "Aari Work".


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Yes it looks amazing... can you guide on Aari work.. I am interested to learn this art...