Graefin 10 a Small Dinghy Made From Cardboard

Introduction: Graefin 10 a Small Dinghy Made From Cardboard

Hello I made a small sailing dinghy with unusual material. I used an old plan from the website

I like to use things that "fall off the truck" or nobody needs. I`ve found some sheets from 10mm cardboard with a honeycomb like structure inside. First I draw the lines and cut out the sheets. They were not long enough,so I added pieces with epoxytape to get the right size. I`ve fixed all the sheets with masking tape to check the parts for correctness. After that I started with filled epoxy to glue all the sheets,made a radius in the corners and covered it with epoxy band. In the middle I`ve used 15cm wide strong epoxy band for both sides. I don`t like to fix the sheets with wire. I`ve fixed all the sheets first with tape outside and then I could work completely inside.

The Hull is completely bedded with Polyester Cloth. This is cheaper than Epoxy. The Result is a very hard and stable Hull. Afterwards I installed the inner pieces. (Gluing a Maststep, install a small Deck,install the centerboard Case.)

For the Decksides I`ve used strips of wood and for the gap between I filled this with an extra strip of wood that the cardboard Hull is completely protected and covered.

This Dinghy has a V Bottom. I changed this to get a flat bottom for seating Comfort. I`ve thought that because I would otherwise slide every time to the middle. This was the most complicated work to get all the parts in straight line. For the bottom I`ve used old Pallets, sanded the parts and cut to the right shape. The rigg was from an old foldable Surfboard. I`ve bought this at ebay for 15€. Then it was time to try out my new Project. It was January and not the best time in Europe to get on the water especially with a new unknown boat. I`ve bought a dry suit and I added 2 Flotation tanks and some Plasticbottles under the Pallets. Sometimes Things have to be done! After installing Ruder, Sail and centerboard, I was ready for sailing. Look at the picture where you can see the timestamp.

You can see my project was successfull. As you can see, you can have a lot of fun with simple Materials and cheap parts. I`ts easy,just do it. Take a look on www, find or buy a Plan, watch out for Material and start with your Boat.

happy sailing!

Michael from Germany

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    4 Discussions


    2 months ago

    Thank you for your creativity and for freely sharing your project. 😊


    3 years ago

    How did you know the dimensions for all the pieces?


    4 years ago

    Hi Michael, I am thinking of building a Graefin 10, your boat is very interesting and unique. Vielen Dank für die Fotos, jetzt verstehe ich besser, was man mit diesem Plan machen darf. Ich wünsche Ihnen schöne Segelreisen!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hello Panfishman, thank you fore like my project. This Boat is sold to get space for other boats. Perhapse it`s better to make the pallet bottom a little bit more deeper,because the boat is small. A few very nice boats comes from this website. Some plans are free. this plans are very precice.

    I have had build that 2,6m boat with my soon. This boat is better i think, because you have more space inside and may be it`s easyer to build .

    Good luck and happy sailing.

    Perhapse you can publish your project here?