Gravity Clamping Desk Lamp





Introduction: Gravity Clamping Desk Lamp

The gravity clamping desk lamp is a light that utilizes the force created by the weight of the light (horizontal) arm via a cable within the vertical shaft which pulls or closes the base clamp to the stabilizing foot.

The gravity clamping desk lamp is constucted of 1" square tubing vertical and horizontal arms, metal clamp foot, metal stabilizing foot, & 12v LED light pane.

list of materials:

1"x1"x1/8" square tubing 18" long (two pieces)

2"x3"x1/8" steel plate (for feet)

2"x3" 12v LED panel

Misc wiring

Step 1:



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    3 Discussions

    I would suggest you put foam on the feet to prevent marring/cracking the glass table?

    Nice looking lamp, and cool idea to use the weight of the arm to hold the clamp to the table or desk. But how did you actually build it? I hope we get an updated able soon . . .

    Nice design. It fits really well with the other furniture in the room.