Green Slime Ghost Mask

Introduction: Green Slime Ghost Mask

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Step 1: Preparation!

Start with two small balloons and a circular piece of cardboard that is te diameter of your face. Cut out circles to compensate for the balloons.

Step 2: Secure

Use masking tape to secure the balloons to the mask.

Step 3: This Is a Back View

Step 4: Reinforce It a Little More

Step 5: Outside

Use masking tape to secure the edges down

Step 6: Eyes

Cut out some eyes.

Step 7: Papier-mâché

Papier-mâché around the cheeks to make sure they are strong enough!

Step 8: Spray Paint

Spray paint the mask green and allow to dry.

Step 9: Mouth

Use a mug or large tea cup to trace half a circle to fit between the cheeks. Draw and colour a black outline and glue on with craft glue.

Step 10: Elastic

Use some elastic to secure it around your head. Ta-dah!

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