Greenbox Plant Starter

Introduction: Greenbox Plant Starter

greenbox plant starter

Today I am going to be showing you guys how to make a plant starter. It is a great gift to give to somebody, or you might make it just for yourself to implement a garden in your house. You can plant any thing you wish including veggies, trees, and others. Let’s start building it.

Things you’ll need


1. Office stapler

2. Drill

3. Scissors

4. Sandpaper grit 330

5. Knife


1. 50watt light bulb

2. watering container

3. three plastic lids

4. cardboard box

5. popsicle sticks

6. three screws

7. light bulb adapter

8. seed for planting

9. potting dirt

10. three Styrofoam cups

11. aluminum foil

12. school glue

13. electrical tape

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Step 1:

1st step

Glue the popsicle sticks to the bottom of your cardboard box centralizing them to the middle, after glue other popsicle sticks on the border of the ones you just glued.

Step 2:

2nd step

Now roll out the aluminum foil and measure it to the lid of your cardboard box. Cut it roughly around the lid then put glue on the foil and glue to the box. After its dried you can fold the excess back and apply electrical tape to the ends you just folded back. Then cut off the excess of electrical tape in the turns with a knife.

Step 3:

3rd step

Cut the bottom off the three Styrofoam cups to make some little containers to put in your green box. Cut the sides of two cups that are gong to stay in the sides to make them fit together. After sand the top of the cups to give it a nice finish then screw them down to the bottom of your box with the drill.

Step 4:

4th step

Now let’s make a lid for the plant starter.

Get the plastic lids and cut off their borders to make it into a circle, then go measuring it and cutting it little by little till you make three circles that fit well into the three containers. After measure two Popsicle sticks that fit the containers side by side then make a line with a pencil in the place where one of the Popsicle sticks goes over the other. Staple them together, then staple the plastic lids to the popsicle stick you just measured and stapled to make a lid for the dirt not to fall off the containers when you close the greenbox.

Step 5:

5th step

We will now apply the light bulb to our green box, first make a little hole in the side of the box with your knife then go spinning the knife to create a bigger hole till you can fit the light bulb through and connect the light bulb adapter in the other end. Close the box partially and see the place were the cardboard stops the light bulb adapter from going down, so measure with the pencil and cut a slot to let the lid go down. Put electric tape on the slot you just cut to give it a finish.

Step 6:

6th step

To finish you green box all you’ll need to do is to put potting dirt in the containers and plant your seeds. Put water in the watering container then water your plants with one lid of water on each plant.

Step 7:

7th step

Whenever you want to move your green box from place to place all you need to do is put the lid on the containers and close your box, simple as that. If you want to give this to any one, all you need to do is decorate the box on the outside. Well that’s it guys hope you enjoyed this project, and don’t forget to follow and vote this ible so you never miss any more projects like this one.

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    Great job! Awesome and useful instructable! :)