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For Halloween I am going to dress as Velma from Scooby Doo! Velma is a great character to go in costume as - the pieces are easy and cheap to find. There are some things that you HAVE to have for the perfect Velma costume! I hope this inspires you, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Keep on reading to find out how to make a great Velma costume.

Sorry there are some black dots on the pictures my camera wasn't working very well. :)

Step 1: #1 Sweater

So a few tips for the sweater. IT'S ORANGE! NOT RED! NOT BROWN! ORANGE!!!

Velma's Sweater is a turtleneck. The sweaters I have are not turtleneck but in the 3rd picture I have an Orange Bolero or Shrug that I could wear an Orange turtleneck underneath, So... ya!

I got these sweaters at Savers. I am sure any 2nd hand store has one of Grandmas Ugly old sweaters you can buy. :) You can also get one online, but I did that before I got these and it didn't fit so if you want to take you chances that is fine too. :)

Step 2: #2 Skirt

I got this skirt from Velma's Skirt is pleated but any knee length red skirt would do just fine.

Or you can make one. Here's a link to an Instructable that shows you how to make one from scoochmaroo

Step 3: #3 Wig

The wig is a orange-ish brown color. It is styled in a short bob or sometimes there called Flapper Girl wigs. In the 3rd Picture there is a little white thing, that's a white nylon sock. I use it to push down my hair so it is easier to put the wig on. You can also use a Wig Cap. Stores usually sell them with the Wigs.

Some stores like Walmart, Target, Shopko, Fred Myer, etc... have a small selection of Wigs. If you go to a store that specializes in Halloween stuff like Halloween City etc... then you'll probably get a wider selection.

Step 4: #4 Glasses

There's really not much to say about the glasses there just nerd glasses. Try to stay away from Circular and Oval Glasses.

Step 5: #5 Shoes

These are the ideal Velma Shoes! Ruby Red Mary Jane school girl shoes. The brand in case you can't see in the photo is Funtasma.

Step 6: #6 Knee Highs

Last but not least the thing that Completes the outfit......... Orange Knee High SOCKS!!!! These I got from Shopko. They are a little bit higher that my knees but they still look AWESOME!!!

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