Guitar Pedal Box



About: Let's have some thing done!

Hi, I love to play guitar. so let's make guitar pedal box from pine wood !

I designed it to has a removable cover and swing bottom for easy for stomp on guitar effect.

Step 1: Step:1 Plan & Measuring Pedals

-place guitar pedals in place and measure pedal box size

-cut piece of pine wood in size and screw them together

Step 2: Step 2 : Set Up Box

after finished a bottom of the box then start up on side box set up.

I also make the bottom side of the peadl box to able to swing downward (for the easy for stomp on guitar effect) top box cover will be hold with metal plates by screws after that attach the toggle case catch latches trunk were installed all side of box

Step 3: Step 3: Box Surface Grinding and Vanishing

Grind box surface by grinder with

sand paper No.150 then with No.400 and then paint with pine wood clear vanish color for 2 times

Step 4: Step 4 : Set Guitar Pedals in Place

set up guitar pedals in place. swing down the bottom side then stomp on pedal, let's rock and roll !

ha ha ha, sorry for funny language, i'm not good with English writing :)



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