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Want something cool & recycle stuff at the same time? Make an easy gum wrapper chain!

Step 1: Making the Units

1.Fold it in half lengthwise.
2.Do it again.
3.Open it back up.
4.Make the edges meet at the middle.
5.Fold it in half lengthwise.
6.Fold in half width-wise.
7.Open it back up (not all the way).
8.Make the edges meet in the middle.
9.Fold it back in half width-wise.
10.Finished unit.
11.Make 2 of them.

Step 2: Starting the Chain

1.See the holes in the 1st unit & the tabs in the 2nd unit? You slide the tabs of the 2nd unit in the 1st unit. The 2nd unit will be at the bottom left & the 1st at the top right.
2.Take the tabs of the 2nd unit & put it top 1st in the pockets of the 1st unit.

Step 3: Continuing

You can continue with it as much as you want. Every unit has 2 tabs & 2 holes.
1.The tabs are on your right.
2.Put the other tabs in the holes of the tabs.
3.There is excess tab after you put the unit in. Tuck it in.
4.Do the same with the other unit (there are 2 units in 1 gum wrapper).
5.Make each link tight.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Somewhere in my back room I have a bag that contains a gum-wrapper chain that is approx 12-15 feet long. I never found a use for it....just liked the colors.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    OMG ! I'm 57 and we use to make those when I was a kid... had totally forgotten & sure wouldn't have remembered how to do it ! Thanks so much for the blast from the past !