HDPE Upcycling Lamp (noni)




Turn HDPE bottles into a fun lamp!

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Step 1: Sketch

Draw some sketches

Step 2: Get HDPE Bottles

Get al least 20 HDPE bottles

Step 3: Wash the Bottles

Wash the HDPE bottles after use to avoid residues.

Step 4: Cut and Put Together the Top of the Bottles

Cut the top of the bottles above the handle and join them together using zip ties as shown in the images

Step 5: Add Bottle Tops Until You Get a Closed Shape

Keep joining bottle tops until you get a closed shape

Step 6: Fit a Lightbulb Into a Bottle Top

Fit a light bulb into a bottle top as shown and close with zip ties as with the other parts

Step 7: Put on the Color Caps on the Bottle Tops

Put on the color caps on the bottle tops. You can organize them to form a color pattern.

Step 8: Turn on the Light

Turn on the light and enjoy your noni lamp!

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    4 Discussions


    5 months ago

    I like that you're taking the material out of the loop and its now art. I too am working on recycling HDPE into new materials and forms.


    3 years ago

    I trying to this project.... I'm trying this project @ school as I speck.....