HOW TO LEARN DRAWING! UNCONVENTIONAL Way to Draw Things, It's Easy and Helpfull.




Introduction: HOW TO LEARN DRAWING! UNCONVENTIONAL Way to Draw Things, It's Easy and Helpfull.

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For those who like drawing and art! and never even tried to draw any thing cuz he think he never have any talent! this instructable could be your first step as an artist !
I have started to learn drawing just 2 years ago on my first year as an engineering student! and start to get serious in learning drawing LESS THAN 1 YEAR AGO! I never had "talent" before! but now I can do pretty things!
and I thought it will be good to share my experience for those who fear to start learning maybe because he think he never have talent or he can't do great things in art!

Step 1: It's a Matter of Passion!

To learn drawing, the first thing you have to learn is passion -(mark crilley), on youtube you can find great tutorials on (how to draw). and this is how I started.
the fist obstacle that any one who about to start drawing could face, that he have an impression on drawing that all artist use some specific ways to draw. and that idea is NOT100% right! in fact, it's just some rules that could make your drawing easier or better, how ever you have the choice to use any way you want! and NO ONE can hold you from creating and using your own :D ! and this is my way of drawing ...
here I will show some UNCONVENTIONAL ways to draw things! but however, IT WORKS! :D .
and one great artist I like to mention who use such ways is (JD hillberry) and you can search for his works, it's ultimately incredible.

The pictures show some of my works in art using those techniques.

Step 2: Let's Get to It, Follow the Line!

you can use your PC screen to help you,on computer open a picture, view it in full screen mode,then get your paper on screen and it's better to stick it with some tape, then just follow the out lines that appear through paper.
this considered cheating actually :3.
However, you can use this way to start learning, AND JUST FOR LEARNING, it's not good to draw some thing this way and act like you have draw it with your own experience, but for learning it will be a great teacher.
it should learn you how to handle Penchi in a good way, help you to know how things having shapes in 2D, help you to imagine things, and could help you to feel the scale which means that you can feel how things are get on paper.

Step 3: Using Size Ratio.

one good way to get things on paper is to use some reference ratio.
you can use anything and the best thong in hand is the pencil it self. you can use your pen head as a reference, just reference the object you want to draw or the picture to it. as show in pictures.
this method is widely used.

Step 4: Use a Ruler.

the new thing here is to use a ruler!
this method I came with after using the ratio thing. it can be used to draw any picture from your PC, it asks no experience put much passion via it's need little extra time!
with this method also you can scale your picture to any size and draw it on any size of paper.
first you open the picture with (paint) on windows, then go to preference tap in options, you see metering units choose the CM (or inches if you like), you notice that the metering units in the status bar has changed to Cm. we're not finished, go to resize in edit (or home in new version of paint) and resize your picture so that the size in cm is suitable to your paper, this help you to know the real place of every point of the picture on your paper.
now you can set the pointer in any place on the picture, get it coordinates, and put it on the paper, accordingly. and it's better to have a copy of your picture, so you can edit it without damage the original one, and you cad add dots in some color on every point you take a coordinate to, to still remember where you took the samples. after that is done you can draw the picture by following the dots.

Step 5: Note on Using Ruler

if you have 30cm ruler and you want to scale your picture to A2 paper, or any size greater the 30 cm. you can mark on your paper header a point on some range so you make it as reference. like if you have point on 55,25 you can mark point with 30, still to add 25 and you get 55 on X, still to go down by 25cm.

that's all here, next time I'll post some unconventional ways to draw with charcoal.
thanks for reading. hope you like it

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    doo da do
    doo da do

    5 years ago on Introduction

    I agree, tracing is not art- but a learning tool. Always keep them separated no tricks when you try to sell your work.


    5 years ago

    Good instructable