Halloween Candle Decoration

Introduction: Halloween Candle Decoration

Halloween Candle - This funky little light takes just a couple of minutes to craft up!

ACTÍVA Colored Decor Sand in orange and black

Votive holder

Green glitter battery light

Extra embellishments like spiders, trees, benches optional

Step 1: Begin to Layer the Colored Sand

Pour your sand into the glass candle holder to desired depth. Tap the glass down to level out the sand. Add more or take away some.

Add the second color and tap again to level.

Repeat the above until you are approximately 1” from the top of the glass votive.

Step 2: Add Your Candle

Turn on the candle and wiggle down into the sand.

Step 3: Decorate As You Wish

Optionally, you can add trees, spiders and so on around the candle. Or just place it next to a Pumpkin or other Halloween Themed item.

Candle holder and tea-light from Dollar Tree

Designed by Candie Cooper

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