Melon Brains





Introduction: Melon Brains

Even vegetarian zombies crave these brains!

Step 1: Supplies

  • 1 small seedless watermelon
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Paring knife
  • Large knife

Step 2: Skin Your Melon

  • Slice off bottom of watermelon so it won't roll around.
  • Peel green skin off of the watermelon.
  • Score brainy folds in white flesh.

Step 3: Carve Brain Channels

With a sharp paring knife, carve channels out of melon to resemble cortical folds

Step 4: Devour




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    Brilliant... and Healthy! I love it so much that I have linked you over at

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    This is so awesome and easy; I did this one this morning in about 15 mins. Not as detailed but will work great for our spooky food potluck today. The veggie peeler worked great after making the first nick with a paring knife. I scored the slice around the top to make for a clean cut to expose the brain matter.

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    This was such a fun idea for our pot luck scary snacks at work! Thanks!

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    It has been done, as accurately as my psychology textbook would have it be done.


    My variant was a lobotomized watermelon jack o' lantern, with vodka for brains. To keep it upright I cobbled together a stand with duct tape, a small box and orange decorative beer cases. After the vodka was properly infused (with lots of help from internal lacerations—straightforward infusing can take up to a week!), we all ate from the bottom up. Poor soused jack o' lantern didn't know what hit him. 

    It was a total hit. Thanks for the inspiration!


    I did it! It took a lot less time than I'd expected - about 40 minutes. Also, a vege peeler worked fine - I'd expected to have to peel it with a knife. here's a pic of my achievement :) ...

    watermelon brain.jpg
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    Halloween ... we don't really celebrate it in Australia, but a friend was having a halloween party for the kids, so of course this Instructable leapt to mind! Many thanks!

    this is too fun! thanks for sharing ;)

    We recently attempted this at my work. Here's a video highlighting the tips and troubles we came across..overall, a successful fun project!