Halloween Themed Robots! Part 1

Introduction: Halloween Themed Robots! Part 1

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Halloween is coming! Aren't you excited?! Lately in our labs, We concocted up 8 new magic demons with my lab assistants and we are going to let them out to make some trouble in the night! In this video of First Preview of Halloween, we have demonstrated 4 demons of the demons and their powers, such as the Scaredy Cat Demon, The Dancing Pumpkin, Screaming Freddy, and The Cannon. These demons look simple , but they are actually very complex. Every demon is composed of several parts, and each part such as their body, head, ears, tail, claws or legs can be swapped! In the following month, we will introduce the specific functions of the 8 demons and their assembling processes along with the open source code. Are you ready to haunt?! Check out the details below!

Step 1: 《The Dancing Pumpkin》 Showtime: Oct.1

If you want to know how did we make it, please click here: http://openlab.makeblock.com/topic/57eed49e695004350cceee12

Step 2: 《Candy-Eating Monster》 Showtime: Oct.8

If you want to know how did we make it, please click here:


Step 3: 《The Scaredy Cat Demon》 Showtime: Oct.11    

Step 4: 《The Cannon》 Showtime: Oct.14    

Step 5: 《Halloween Themed Robots! Part 2》 Showtime: Oct.17   

Step 6: 《The Mythical Chinese Di Ting》 Showtime: Oct.18   

Step 7: 《Angry Stripey》 Showtime: Oct.21    

Step 8: 《The Cell Phone Robot Demon》 Showtime: Oct.25    

Step 9: 《The Grim Reaper》 Showtime: Oct.28

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