Halo Happenings: Arbiter




I was looking on You Tube, and noticed that there aren't a whole lot of Halo Wars Mega Bloks animations. I am aiming to rectify this problem by making a lot more of these "Halo Happenings." Well enjoy. The Arbiter is a custom figure that I made myself. He is silver becuase he is supposed to be from Halo 2



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    2 years ago

    they still weren't friends, more like mutual acquaintances. the elites were infuriated by the prophet of truth ignoring the writ of union and allowing the brutes to become the guards, and the humans were losing, so they figured to work with each other.

    also, the discovery of the real purpose of the halo rings swayed the arbiter, and the rest of the elites to join, considering it was a super weapon too dangerous for a madman (technically ,mad san 'shyuum)

    also, the flood forced the elites to join the humans as security for their race, mostly so neither one goes extinct

    the humans were just sad sacks looking for an ally

    galvatron522Plo Koon

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    not until halo 3, in halo 2 the arbiter wanted to kill chief for shaming him (a.k.a. blowing up halo)