Ham Radio Mast. Construct Antenna at Ground Level in It's Natural Operating Position. Never Climb for Any Repair, Assembly or Modification. Beam Antenna, Vertical Antennas Remains Vertical Raising or Lowering. Present Design Has Antenna Base at 34'.




The last time a high wind blew over my HF antenna system I had to rethink climbing the mast to do repairs. The last time I did this I was a young 62 year old dude. Now at 75 finding an alternative method sounded reasonable. I enjoy cad design anyway so I thought I'd try it. Here are the results. Not climbing was my primary reason for hinging. An added bonus is a pantograph system to keep the antenna "level" (?) or not allowing it to tip over 90 degrees. I can assemble a beam while standing on the ground. With an optional PIN I can lay down my vertical antenna to 36" off the ground to work on. Antenna experimenting is a whole lot easier with this design. KD8QFB 73




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    1 year ago

    Great design and concept. Do you have closeups of the hinges?