Hand Painted Hoodie Sweatshirt




I have a old hoodie that don`t like to be white so i decided to paint it and here is the result

Step 1: Materials

Firts you need an old hoodie or maybe a t-shirt that you don`t like

-brushes of diferent mesures

-Fabric paints

- Ruler

-Draw pencil, soft graphite

-A large piece of cardboard

-Some(a lot) butterfly paperclips

-Glass of water and a old cloth to clean the brushes

Step 2: Set the Desing

Attach your hoodie to the cardboard, you can put it inside the hoodie for a confortable work. Now with help of the butterfly clips tense it to avoid creases in the fabric.

As you can see in the images mi design is based on the lego "white deadpool" design

Step 3: Time for Painting

For this it is needed more artistic skills but feel free to try anything you want.

Depends on the fabric that you are working on, but it is easy to paint in the same direction of the strands, and give at least 2 layers of paint

Step 4: And Ta Da

Now you have a new hoodie based on the most sexiest comic hero.

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