Hand Tooled Snath




Introduction: Hand Tooled Snath

A snath is the handle off of a scythe. If you're reading this, you probably already know that. After looking around online I figured I could make one myself! So I did, with some parachute cord and a stick...


- Pocket Knife

- Hand Saw

- Mallet

- Wood Chisel



-A stick of about 10 feet long and between 1-2 inches in diameter.

Go ahead and cut the stick up:

2 pieces that are about 2 hands long

The main piece should be at least 6 feet, or 7 if you want extra handle for carving.

The 4th piece will reach from the main shaft to one of the handles.

Step 1: Making the Handle Connection Points

So, the first couple cut outs I just used my pocket knife, see picture 1. Call me a whimp if you must, but my thumbs got worn out pretty quick, so I started looking for expeditious alternatives.

Using a hand saw, I cut halfway through each handle at the width of its mate about an inch from the end. See picture 2

On the main shaft, make a similar cut to mate with one of the handles at armpit height.

Make a similar cut at hip level 90 degrees rotated from the armpit height cut.

Take the 4th piece and cut it like the handles.

Mate a handle to the 4th piece, then find a comfortable height to attach it to the main shaft. Then make the 2nd cutout on the 4th piece at a 90 degree angle to the first to match the mate slot on the main shaft.

Wittle away at it a little at a time until they fit, try not to cut them too wide initially, or the handles will wiggle a little more than is preferred for a sharp swinging object.

Step 2: Lash It Together!

I made a granny knot with a loop to start, and then I criss-crossed a couple times around the mating point.

If you want it to be tighter (and I'll so this next time) you could soak the cord for a while, then lash it together, and then wait for it to dry.

I didn't bother wrapping the 4th piece, but I wrapped both handles. Finished it by drilling a hole in the and and ran it through to end in a granny knot.

Step 3: Order a Blade and Have a Drink!

While I'm all about making your own things, I'd recommend ordering a professionally made scythe blade. The good ones are forged, and while they're about $70, it'll probably last longer than what most of us could make.

That being said, I fully intend to try and make my own blade further down the line, because I'm stubborn. Maybe I'll just make a video so you kind folks don't have to deal with my attempts at explaining actions! Anyway's Here's the finished product, and some close ups of the finished handles!

Thanks for reading!

Don't drink and scythe...

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