Hang'in Head-Phones

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Clothes pins into in-ear head phone holders/organizers.

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Step 1: Supplies & Materialst

All you need an incredibly horrible hatred for tangled headphones and ofcourse:

(2) clothes pins [per organizer]
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 2: Setup

Take two clothes pins and place them upright side by side, face opposing directions.

Step 3: Add Glue

Add glue using your hot glue gun. I advise applying it to the entire length of the clothes pin.

Step 4: Finishing

While the glue is hot.... add the other clothes pin. Make sure the clothes pin is pointed in the right direction. If you want, stager the clothes pins.

Step 5: Add Headphones

Now you can add your head phones. Use the clip end to hold the headphones while you wrap the rest of around the gap between the clothes pins, and use the other clip end to secure the end of the head phones.

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