Harry Potter Book Cake



Introduction: Harry Potter Book Cake

I made this cake for my friends 18th as she is a huge harry potter fan. It is the first cake I have made using fondant and as you can see it is far from perfect but I gave it a shot :). 

1) Bake 2 large rectangle cakes, I used a roasting tin I bought especially for cakes. 

2) Fill them with icing but do not ice the top or sides. 

3) Carve a dip in the Centre of the cake as and carve the sides to slope down slightly, so that it resembles an open book. Carve tiny amounts at a time as you can always take more away :) 

4) Ice the sides and top of the cake as smoothly as you can, fondant is not forgiving. 

5)  Dust your worktop with icing sugar and get your fondant ready. For the pages I started with white fondant and added a small amount of yellow gel colour, and about twice as much ivory colour. Keep kneading the fondant until the fondant is fully combined with no streaks (an easy way to test this is to cut the mixed fondant in half). 

6) Make sure your rolling pin is dusted with icing sugar and roll your fondant around the rolling pin, which you can now place far more easily onto the cake by unrolling the fondant over the cake. Immediately smooth the top of the cake push lightly but firmly into the dip you have made, and around the sides also. Trim the excess. 

7) Score the lines of the pages around the sides of the cake . 

8) Make the bookmark by mixing a small amount of white icing with a lot of ivory, then make to two lone 'sausages and twist them together to resemble a bookmark. 

9) Dust any excess icing sugar off the fondant with a dry pastry brush then pipe the names of spells on the right hand page. 

10) Mix some fondant with yellow, and some with red to make the scarf, add lines of red on top of the yellow and score the ends to look like frills, 

11) Make the glasses, I used ready made black fondant and made a straight horizontal line, then I made the bits that go behind your ears, buy making the shorter, flattening the end and placing it under the straight line, the trick is to make these bits at a steep angle to avoid it looking like a rubbish bow. Next simply roll out equal circles for the frames. I then placed them in the top left hand corner of the cake on top of the scarf. 

12) make the snitch ball, wings and lightning bolt and spray or dust them gold. this takes a while to dry. I placed secured the snitch (ball) to the cake with a cocktail stick then but cocktail sticks in the wings and added a bit of extra fondant at the back to keep them in. I then stuck the wings into the snitch. 

13) Place the lightening bolt under the scarf and pipe your Happy Birthday message beneath it. 

I know its armature to feel free to adapt it, it took about 3 hours to decorate, but im sure someone more experienced could do it quicker :)

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