Harry Potter: Classy Death Eater Costume

So it was the midnight opening of Harry Potter deathly Hollows Part 2 a day ago and I realized I did not yet have a costume which is necessary for midnight openings like this. So, i through together some stuff I could easily find and I came up with the Classy Death Eater Costume!! Since there are no more new movie, well until they remake them again in 10 years :p this would also make a great Halloween costume!

This is what you will need to make sure you will be wearing the most popular costume at your next party!

Snuggie ( Preferably leopard print or zebra stripes for optimum classiness! or a bath robe)
Black Hoodie
A Stick
Aluminum Foil (Optional)
Death Eater Mask : This instructable has a great way to make them >> http://goo.gl/oQnLr
                                   or Plain White Mask ( Like me! but you can draw death eater designs on it too)
                                   or Old  Style  Hockey Goalie Mask ( It"s a Jason mask for non-Canadians)

Now put all this stuff on where its supposed to go, and go party or trick or treat! I hope you enjoy your extremely realistic Classy Death Eater costume as much I did!!



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    Um, yeah. This is not really a 'Death Eater' costume. Good effort though. Pretty good for last minute.