Healthcare Based on Edison Board_Heart Beat

Introduction: Healthcare Based on Edison Board_Heart Beat

$$ Gathering raw data Scenarios $$

Step 1. Gathering raw data of blood vessel contraction by pulse sensor and transmits row data
for edison board.

Step 2. After calculating Mean, accumulates the number of deviation above or under Mean.

Step 3. Transfers the accumulated count on Intel's dashboard server.

Step 4. Graphically provided in the dashboard can determine their status.

Step 5. Guides the use of the sensor through the LCD.

Step 6. Using the LED can easily identify that the board is operating normally.

Step 7. By the user by using, as the light intensity in order to correct the error caused seonse in heart
rate sensor can be reduced as much as possible an error of the sensor to be positioned
accurately his finger on the sensor.


# Application Areas(Utilization) #


- Visit the current hospital to diagnose arrhythmias(irregular pulse) after visiting the hospital to collect measurements
for 24 hours after a magnificent test equipment.
- The equipment where it is convenient to take advantage of larger and heavier causing discomfort.
- If the arrhythmia can be diagnosed by the Edison board weight and the equipment it is possible to
reduce the diagnosis time can be transferred to the result of the doctor on the computer.
- Patients with cardiovascular collect their information and prepare a disease of the cardiovascular
system through which it is possible to analyze solutions and doctors are also more accurate diagnosis.


Thanks for Cooperation with my colleagues!!

Best regards!

By Healthcare Based on Edison Board_Heart Beat TEAM.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Such a cool idea! I've never thought to used an Edison Board for monitoring someones heart rate.