Helping Hands Soldering Tool

Introduction: Helping Hands Soldering Tool

I put this device together because I was tired of buying helping hands and the base would be too light. I would end up moving the hands around while trying to solder. Hence I bought 10lbs of steel plate from ebay and printed the case from Etsy.

Step 1: Purchase the Following Items

Steel plates:

1/2” 6” Circle AR500 Sheet QTY 2 Steel Armor Wear Plate Target Raw Sheet Round

The link I used :

Arms From Amazon:

GEN09015 Plastic Flexible Water Oil Coolant Pipe Hose, 6-Pack

Here is the link I used:

The 3d Printable file from Etsy:

3D Printable File (My Website (Cheapest $.99))

Step 2: Download and Print File

From Etsy download and print the eight pieces.

The large encasing has included a mouse platform to aid in sticking the design to the platform and preventing curling. PLA plastic will be the best type of plastic to print the structures as it will curl much less than ABS. There are also support structures that will need to be removed from the 4 arm mount hole.

Step 3: Glue Bottom Together

Glue the bottom pieces together with CA glue. As well, glue the steel plates together, but use hot glue.

I also covered the plastic joints with hot glue to help hold and fill small gaps.

Step 4: Assemble Top, Bottom, and Arm Mounts

After assembling the top and bottom pieces, place steel plates inside of the bottom piece and hot glue or CA the bottom and top together. After the glue has dried glue the arm mounts into position. Now just press the tubes in place. You can add glue to fix the arms in the mounts if you need too.

Step 5: Cut Pipe Nozzle to Fit

Cut the pipe nozzle back until the alligator clip will firmly slide into the nozzle.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    Nice job putting it all together :)


    Reply 4 years ago