'Herbert the MouseNip' Catnip Toy for Cats




About: I have two Ragdoll cats - Daisy Blue and Boris SugarPuffs, and we like making fun cat toys together.

Intro: 'Herbert the MouseNip' Catnip Toy for Cats

Try making this sweet toy for your cats to enjoy. It's fun to make and your cats will love it.

  • Difficulty: MEDIUM
  • Time required: around 20 minutes
  • Cost: cheap

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. Fabric of your choice (7" x 12" or 12.5cm x 30cm)

2. Scrap other fabric e.g. leather, felt - for making ears & eyes

3. Piece of cord (e.g. hemp cord, for whiskers and tail)

4. Paper to draw a mouse pattern

5. Stuffing (scraps of material, or polyester filling and something crinkly, e.g. paper)

6. Catnip grass (dry)


1. Scissors

2. Needle & thread

3. Paper

4. Pencil

5. Sewing machine (if you have)


Free patterns can be found on this website: http://ideas.stitchcraftcreate.co.uk/patterns/

Step 2: Preparation

Cut out a mouse pattern (link) and transfer it to your fabric.

Once done, start cutting sides, head and base with a seam allowance of approximately 6 mm (slightly less than 1/4).

Put scraps of material on to one side - you will use them later for stuffing.


How to make ears:-

Cut two ears from the other scrap of fabric (I used leather).

Now fold the corners to the middle and sew the fold to keep ear shape in place.

Sew both sides together by hand or with a sewing machine.

Now take the fabric head and mark where you are going to fix the ears.

Fasten in position between the head and the sides and then sew properly.

How to make whiskers:-

To make whiskers, cut a short peace of cord and make a knot in the middle.

How to make eyes:-

To makes eyes, cut two circles from a scrap of stiff fabric and sew them in.

How to make tail:-

To make tail, cut a short peace of cord and make a knot on both ends.


  • Stitch whiskers and eyes and tail before you sewing the base.
  • Fix the tail between the base and the sides.

Step 4: Almost Ready!

Stitch the body to the fabric base, leaving an opening for the stuffing.

Turn right side out and start stuffing.

Finally, stitch the opening.

*** Catnip Mouse Herbert is ready to be tested. ***

Watch our video with complete instructions.



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    9 months ago

    Where do I find the pattern??


    1 year ago

    This is so nice! I'm so happy I can make a homemade catnip toy...Now I don't have to buy one! Thanks so much CatDaisyBlue.

    1 reply