Introduction: "Tickle Tinkle" Feather Cat Pounce Toy

About: I have two Ragdoll cats - Daisy Blue and Boris SugarPuffs, and we like making fun cat toys together.

This pretty toy is very easy to make - our cats love it. Read the instructions and watch the video and you will soon be able to make one yourself!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

How much will it cost you to make Tickle Tinkle Toy?

I have specified the prices in € (euros) below from my local DIY shop. However, prices on Amazon US (as shown in bracket) are much cheaper due to lower taxes. So the total cost will differ:

1. Bag of feathers 14 gr. - €2.19 (US$2 - $2.50)

2. Bag of pom poms (100 pieces) - €4.95 ($4.71)

3. Bells - €5.95 ($2.34 for 50)

4. Hemp cord 4x10m - €3.95 ($2.99)

5. A stick - I re-used one from an old cat toy.

Total = €17.04

(or US$ 12.54 + delivery, if bought through Amazon US)

Step 2: Attach Bits and Pieces

Lets begin:

1. Cut 3 pieces of hemp cord:

  • 15 cm - or - 6 inches
  • 12 cm - or - 5 inches
  • 8 cm - or - 3 inches

2. Sew in 4 pom poms of various sizes (2 - 1- 1).

3. Attach little bells to each pom pom (please watch video to see how I have attached them).

4. Preferably using hot glue gun, attach feathers (of various sizes & colour) between each pom pom and bell.

5. Thread the three cords through the cap, and tie together.

6. Now put some hot glue inside your stick and wait around 30 seconds. Important - glue must not get dry.

7. Now put your hemp cord knot inside the stick (push it in with a wooden stick or similar) and add more glue.

8. When glue is more or less set, close it with the cap.

- Watch video to see how it's made -

Step 3: Toy Is Now Ready

Your toy is now ready to be tested! :)

Step 4: Tips for Leftovers

Feathers. If you had a cat toy with feathers and your cat has not eaten all of them yet, use them instead of buying new.

Hemp cord can be replaced with a simple brown cord sold at your local supermarkets or use your old shoe laces...

A bag of feathers, pompoms and bells can be used for some other projects e.g. windows at Christmas time...

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