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Introduction: High Visibility Sun Visor

Car manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to improve the ergonomic design of their vehicles.  This has resulted in many modern features including power windows, power seats, power locks, power steering, cup holders, cruise control, moon roofs, climate control, and the list goes on and on.  So it is with absolute wonder that the sun visor dilemma has not been previously solved.

You ask, "What is this sun visor dilemma of which you speak?"  Surely you have experienced it.  You are driving along in your favorite vehicle, minding your own business when all of a sudden the sun shines in your eyes.  You instinctively reach up and flip down the sun visor with the mistaken assumption that you will be able to see better.  Sure, the sun is no longer in your eyes, but the visor has now reduced your field of vision to only the narrowest strip of windshield.  So much for improved visibility.  This is, in short, the sun visor dilemma.

I am pleased to announce that I have solved this oversight of modern engineering: introducing the high visibility sun visor. No longer will your vision be diminished by the very visor intended to improve it.  You're welcome, Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota.  I will expect my monthly royalty checks to start immediately.  Until that happens, you, the Instructables community, can make one in the comfort of your home for less than $5. 

1 piece of plexiglass, about sun visor size
clear packing tape
adhesive-backed velcro

Life is a highway, I wanna ride it, Chindogu. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I HOPE this was tongue-in-cheek... but I DO think you're onto something!

    Now, this would surely be only for high-end cars, to start, but take that same poly-carbonate "sunscreen" and add a photochromic coating(transitions lenses in glasses, photo-grey, etc) and you've got a NICE sun visor that only partially obstructs vision!

    At a superduper-high end of things, you could have a solar-cell powered LCD sun screen. If done like auto-darkening welding helmets, it would only block the sun, when the sun was actually shining on the screen. turn away from the sun, and your sun screen goes transparent!

    I know there was a prototype somewhere that used a massive lcd screen, and head tracking. A micro based circuit would tract your eyes with a webcam. A second webcam would track the sun(and headlights at night). The micro would then calculate the angles, and figure out which crystals to turn "on" in order to block the light. In this way, only the sight-imparing bright spots get blocked. The cost was pretty high, based on needing a MASSIVE lcd screen(even a small car windshield is larger than a 42" tv), 2 webcams, and a fast micro(with custom programming) to control the whole shebang.