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Introduction: Hobbit Feet Costume

About: I'm a single mom who just like to show my son that technology is cool but being creative and being realistic is way better! Just like the old days... This is a fun time for both of us... we get to do someth...

Materials Needed:

Old shoe



White Glue


Adhesive tape


Flesh color:

Red poster paint

Green poster paint

White poster paint

Yellow poster paint


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Step 1: Carton and Old Shoe

Get a Carton and place your old shoes on it. Make a pair.

Glue or Tape the Shoes on it (mine I use scotch tape) on the Carton.

Step 2: Newspaper, Glue-water Mixture

Fill up with crampled newspapers to shape up all the sides of the shoe.

Use scotch tape to hold the crampled paper in place.

Do the same with the other feet.

Tear small pieces of paper.

With the Glue-water mixture (1:1)

paste small pieces of paper to flatten the surface of the crampled newspaper.

which would look like the 2nd picture.

Give it time to dry up. (an hour)

Step 3: Tissue Paper

Just like the Small pieces of Paper

Do the same with the Paper Towel/Tissue.

Cover everything (paper Mache)

Wait for it to dry and you'll be ready for the next step. (an hour or less).

Step 4: Let's Get Flesh Color

Mix poster paint in a palette...


Adjust to prefered skin tone.

Make a lot...

So the skin tone will be constant all throughout.

You can now start painting the whole Feet.

Step 5: Black Knitting Yarn and Glue

Cut a desired length for the yarn.

I use like... 24 inches-36 ?

Start pulling apart the single string in it's bundle... or you could use a brush.

This would make a hair effect.

Step 6: Finished!

Some yellow card board laying around.

Cut it into nail shaped that would fit for each fingers and glue them.

This is for my son's School Activity. They call it :Word-Robe Activity".

They sent out an instruction and asking us to come up with an uncommon word. And that to use recycled item.

Search and read a lot of uncommon words online and I can across the word "Nelipot" which means "Huge Feet". While trying to get a backup word because it will still be approved by their English teacher. I saw another word! "Sciapodus" which means "Barefoot".

I got a bright idea of putting those 2 words together by just doing this craft.

While sharing my idea with my niece and nephews... they told me that it fit the description of a "HOBBIT" character! With only a week left before the event... I manage to finish everything a night before.

Then there is a need to me to put a label for they'll be parading around the school to show off their word-robe. at 2am... I remember that Frodo have a sword which I can put the words. Looked for 2 old slack pants I found around the house which I manage to turn the gray slacks into a cloak and Large brown pants into his size pants. I also make him wear a wig... I know only Gollum si bald. HAHAHA

After all the sleepless night of making it... on the day that I put it all together... I was amazed how it turned out to be.

He came home with a certificate... Best in Costume award!!

Best award for all the effort done.

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    5 years ago

    looks awesome


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    Thank you! :)


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    only one thing..... THE RING!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh yeah!! forgot about that one!

    They didn't noticed it...:) hihi

    Woah those feet look awesome, they're so detailed it's hard to believe their shoes! Welcome to instructables by the way, you should think about entering our First Time Author Challenge!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Oh! Would love to. Thank you!