Home Made Catch Cherries

Introduction: Home Made Catch Cherries

A simple easy instructable for a useful tool, that I built with poor materials avoiding to buy the commercial version.
It is a tool that can help you collect the cherries from the higher branches of trees without having to climb stairs.

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Step 1: The Components

The components are not critical and are all about recovery.
Some small pieces of bamboo cane, a piece of wood, a PET bottle and a cane of bamboo long enough and stiff.
As a first step I cut wood as marked in the picture, only proportion curve.
Then, with a tip by wood with chopsticks, I ran some holes equally spaced, a distance between them of about 1.5 cm, such as to allow the insertion of cherries, to be able to rip off pulling down.
After the holes I trimmed with Jigsaw as seen in the figure, in order to facilitate the unimpeded entry of fruits.

Step 2:

After fixed with glue each of the sticks, I installed the "comb" to the inside of the bottle, securing of iron wire.
With the robust adhesive tape (here by us is called "Ribbon"), I fixed the barrel of bamboo container so constructed

Step 3: Go!!

And now go! Hunting, fishing for cherries.
Its effectiveness can be defined as "enough" ...; It would take something that would cut the branches attached to cherries instead of tear, because sometimes the tear is a little difficult. Bye...

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