Homemade Drill

Introduction: Homemade Drill

This invention is for the small things around the house. It can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it for small sheets of metal to making holes in wood. The main purpose of the homemade drill is also used for precision. When you have to be very precise in making holes this would be a better option than a big drill. The homemade drill is substantially cheaper than the next drill. The total price for the drill is around 7 dollars. Around 3 dollars for the dc motor. Also around 4 dollars for the battery holder. The rest of the materials I had at home.

Step 1: Materials

First off you need to get a small drill bit, a 7.5 dc motor, either a 4 AA battery holder or a 2 AA battery holder (make sure it has a switch), a ballpoint pen tip, and super glue or electrical. You should have super glue, the ballpoint pen tip, electrical tape, and the drill bit at home.

Links: Super glue4 AA battery holder. 7.5 dc motor. Electrical Tape

Step 2: Connecting Part 1:

The first step is connecting the tip of the ballpoint pen and the drill bit. Make sure you match the sizes of the drill bit and the ballpoint pen tip. Push the drill bit up through the tip of the ballpoint pen. The bit should be stable and have no wiggle room.

Step 3: Connecting Part 2:

Next, connect the battery and the motor together. You can either use super glue, or electrical tape to hold down the motor to the 4 AA battery holder. Take the wires that come with the battery holder and connect it to the back of the motor.

Step 4: Connection Part 3:

The final connection is adding the drill bit and pen tip to the motor. You need super glue for this step. Slide the tip onto the motor and super glue it down. When you flip the switch on it will turn the whole drill bit and the motor at once creating the drill. After you have glued the drill bit to the motor then wait a couple minutes for the drill to harden. When the glue hardens you are ready to use your drill.

Step 5:

Video demonstrating on how it works and what it is capable of.

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