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In this video I'll be making a flame thrower from an ordinary lighter and a giant one.

IMPORTANT: Playing with fire can result in catastrophic consequences so Please don't try this. And if you still decide to do so, please do it away from valuables and use appropriate safety equipment.

If you don't prefer to read, you can skip it and watch the video instead where I have explained all the steps in detail. If you do, then continue reading the written steps along with pictures in the following steps. Find out more similar projects and gadget reviews on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/miibooth

This is what I used:

1. A lighter.

2. A butane refill spray.

3. Narrow headed pliers.

4. Safety equipment.

Step 1: Disassembling the Lighter

1. Remove the metal front of the lighter as well as any extra nozzle tips.

2. Remove the electric sparker. (It also worked with the classic wheel and flint design.

3. Remove the metal lever.

4. Unscrew the nozzle valve using the wrench kind of a thing that is pre-fitted or with the help of a narrow head set of pliers.

5. Remove the small round seal and the white pipe kind of a thing which makes up the regulatory system of the lighter and does not allow the gas to escape all at once in normal conditions.

Step 2: Time to Put It Back

1. Screw the nozzle back first the place the wrench back in place.

2. Put the lever back in place and place the button over it in its original position.

3. Take your butane spray and place it over the nozzle. Push down on the spray and then press the lighter button to fill it.

4. Now when your press the lighter button, you can see it goes off like an aerosol spray as you can see in the GIF above. Doing this horizontally is better since butane is heavier than air and gravity is on your side.

Let's move on to a flame test now.

Step 3: Flame Test

Put the metal front back in place and we're ready to fire.

With the help of an external flame, I was able to achieve a massive fireball as you can see in the amazing GIF files I put together for you guys.

That made me think If I could up size this flame, So I found this humongous lighter.

Let's see what this can do.

Step 4: Let's Ramp It Up!

First of all I ramped up the safety factor by adding a ball inflating pin to move the flame further away from my hand.

As for the fire ball, the pictures speak for themselves.

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    2 years ago

    That's small potatoes. Get an empty fire extinguisher. Unscrew the top. Pour in lamp oil till 1/5 full. Put top back on. Hold handles to open or spray position while injecting 100 psi compressed air thru nozzle. Release handles THEN remove air hose. Attach a straight 12" wire with a cotton wick on one end to the neck of the extinguisher so as to make a pilot light. The wick should be below the level of the nozzle. Dip the wick in lamp oil & light. Aim the nozzle (outdoors!) in a safe direction @ about a 45 angle & squeeze the handle. You should get a flame going out as far as 20-30 feet with a nice churning ball of fire at the end. Get ready to run like hell if anybody sees you!