Homemade Iced Not Hot Chocolate

Introduction: Homemade Iced Not Hot Chocolate

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Hot chocolate is probably one of the greatest beverages ever, and I think that is something that's universally agreed on. However, with summer finally here, there's no longer a need to stay warm, in fact, it's more favorable to be cooled down, but I still want chocolate. I love hot chocolate, you love hot chocolate, and by golly we should not have to feel discouraged from drinking it when the weather is hot! I SAY, THIS IS COMMUNISM!

Fortunately, there's a really easy way to make iced hot chocolate (which directly contradicts itself, but who cares because we're revolting against communism) that tastes great, doesn't taste watered down, and gives us an option that's not

A) HOT chocolate


B) That gross iced hot chocolate from a fast food chain that I will not mention...

Making iced high chocolate sounds really easy, and it is, just let me help you out because I've worked it down to a science that takes the shortest amount of time, leaves very little cleanup, and tastes just as good as regular hot chocolate, if not better!

Here's what you'll need, and it's also in the picture above:

  • A travel mug that can be completely sealed
  • A large mug
  • 1 packet of instant hot chocolate (I've found swiss miss tastes best but there's hardly a difference between it and others)
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Optional teaspoon of sugar, however the instant mix already has sugar in it
  • Optional other bigger contain or glass to put iced hot chocolate in after

Step 1: Making the HOT Chocolate

This is the easy part that you did every hour on the hour throughout the winter, taking breaks only to sleep and work, so I trust you can get this part done, I'm just going to make a small change.

Heat up your water or milk then stir in the packet of hot chocolate mix.

Next, squeeze some chocolate syrup into the hot chocolate for a few seconds. I just count to three or eyeball it and determine how much damage I want done to my pancreas by the time I'm an old person. Both ways work. This is to make sure the drink is still just as chocolaty once a bunch of ice has been melted into it.

Next, if you REALLY like things extra sweet, you can add some sugar, but I wouldn't add more than a teaspoon or you won't want to drink too much of the stuff when it's done. Keep in mind, the chocolate syrup also has a lot of sugar in it. If you've ever used it to make chocolate milk, you know what I'm talking about.

Lastly, stir in a few ice cubes to the hot chocolate so that it's not scalding in the next step if you pour liquid like a drunk sloth attempting to play an upside down cello at the same time. I do that.

Step 2: Ice.

Now, because I pour liquid like a drunk sloth trying to play an upside down cello at the same time, and because I unfortunately only have 2 arms, I couldn't take a picture of the pouring, but that's easy anyway. Pour the now warm chocolate into your travel mug (because we're gettin' somewhere... heh heh) quickly, then put as many ice cubes in as you can fit without over flowing the travel mug (5 or 6 normal sized cubes should do. If you can only fit a couple, drink some lukewarm chocolate then add more cubes). Next, put the lid on and close the drinking hole thing (IS that a thing?).

After that, gently swirl/shake/sway/move the travel mug around non-violently for a couple minutes until the ice cubes sounds significantly smaller or gone.

Step 3: Pour.

I used a different glass for this part as the melted ice added much more volume to the beverage and it no longer all fits in my mug.

First, add 2-4 ice cubes to the empty glass, open the drinking hole thing, and pour the iced hot chocolate into the cup.

We're not done yet.

Step 4: Now the Hard Part

This is possibly the most complicated part of the whole process...

Put a straw in the iced hot chocolate.

Now you're done, and should have a completely yummy, not watered down, ice cold, glass of not hot chocolate, that took you under 10 minutes to make.

I hope you and your friends enjoy this and I hope I saved you some experimenting, have a great summer!


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