Homemade Xacto Knife




Introduction: Homemade Xacto Knife

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Step 1: Broken Hacksaw Blade

Tools needed: Bench grinder/ Files Wet stone/wet sandpaper Coping saw Materials: Broken/used hacksaw blade/saws all blade 3/4 dowel Rubber band/string line Layout the profile of your choice on the blade, I did my layout with a led pencil, you can be more technical and add a piece of masking tape and grind the perimeter of your line. Start your rough sharpening at the bench grinder right after you are finished with your profile. Time to start sharpening with your wet stone, Mine is a two sided 80/ 300 grit. You can use sand paper if you wish. I end up polishing the sides to reduce friction. Cut your 3/4 stock to the desired length and cut a slot with the coping saw at one end to receive the blade shank. Wrap the cut end with a rubber band, I used a piece of an old inner tube. All in all took about 20 minutes to do and the results are fantastic, I will be making a couple more more with different profiles.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'd love to see some photos of the rough sharpening process and the whetstone sharpening. This is a great idea, and I suspect that some others might be interested in seeing the whole process.