How 2 Make the BEST Juice!



Introduction: How 2 Make the BEST Juice!

Hey Everyone! So today I made an all organic, power juice! The ingredients are all organic, non-gmo, and grown (some) from my own garden!

Please make sure to always wash and scrub your veggies before putting them through the juicer. The ingredients that I used are apples (2), carrot (1), a small chunk of cucumber, sticks of celery (3), and finally a tomato! BTW-- the tomato didn't really work on mine, but it's really worth trying to fish it out of the grinder, because it adds some really nice flavor to the juice.

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Step 1: Wash and Cut Your Veggies!

Here you see that I have washed and cut my veggies, about to pop them in the juicer! You might want to make the pieces a bit more on the small side, mine are just large for photo purposes! After you have done this, you can start to prep your juicer!

Step 2: Kill Em' !

Now your going to (I don't know if you can see what's down there, but those are the graters/ juicers!) Never stick your hand or fingers down into the chute, it could be quite disasterous and deadly! This is what will make your veggies into juice!

Step 3: Prepped Juicer!

Here is a picture of the juicer ready for juicing. You are going to want your pieces fairly small in the juicer so you don't wreck it.

Step 4: Enjoy It!

As you can guess this is the final product, ready for your enjoyment! Do remember to drink it SLOW, and not just gulp it down, because it is delicious! But be careful how much you drink per week too. With my juicer it took about 1 hour including clean up.You can drink it straight or you can enjoy it with a straw, you can also put it in the freezer for a few minutes, turn it into sorbet, and viola! Eat this with a spoon and enjoy!

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