How to Create a Baby Pod!




Introduction: How to Create a Baby Pod!

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Hey Everyone! If you've got a special baby in your life that needs a little something to keep warm in the winter months, we'll I've got an answer for you! Make them a baby pod! Here are some simple instructions to make a cute little baby outfit! For more tutorials, subscribe to us on iTunes and check out our website at

Also, check out the entire video below!

Step 1: Measuring the Baby!

1. First take out an old sweatshirt and your baby. Measure your baby from head to toe and diagonally mark the measurement onto your sweatshirt.

Step 2: More Measuring

2. Now measure around the baby's shoulders, divide that number in half and mark that measurement on the sweatshirt about 4 inches down from the top.

Step 3: Sketching the Pod

3. Next, sketch out a pod-like shape about 6 inches longer than where you made the bottom mark.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Pod

4. Pin the 2 layers together and cut out half an inch outside the sketched outline.

Step 5: Creating the Hood and Zipper

5. Take one half of the pod and cut out a circle that's about 4 inches in diameter and cut it out. Then cut a slit down the center that's about 10 inches long.

Step 6: Making the Casing

6. Flip it over and pin a casing around the circumference of the circle.

Step 7: Sewing the Casing

7. Then sew it with a zig zag stitch, making sure not to sew the holes shut at the end.

Step 8: Adding the Zipper

8. When you're done, take out a zipper, flip over the pod half and place the zipper right side facing down below the openings in the casing and right on top of the slit.

Step 9: Sewing the Zipper

9. Carefully pin the zipper to both sides of the slit and sew it on using a zipper foot and a straight stitch.

Step 10: Making the Arm Holes

10. Now cut some slits for arm hole and sew a zig zag stitch around both holes.

Step 11: Sewing the Pod Together

11. Place the pod halves together, pin and sew a seam around the perimeter.

Step 12: Creating a Seam

12. Next, press the seam open and sew a zig zag stitch all the way around the length of the pod.
(pic 18)

Step 13: The Drawstring (or Elastic)

13. Now get a piece of ribbon, attach the end to a safety pin and feed it through the casing. Cut and burn the ends of the ribbon, and you're done! (Note: If you don't want to use a drawstring, feel free to use an elastic band instead.)

Step 14: You're Done!

14. You've got yourself a cute baby pod! Congratulations!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    I love it! It gives the comfort of a swaddle, but still gives the arms freedom to move about. I'll definitely be making at least one of these!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This would be awsome for all canadian parents.. Its -2 for 4 months of the year :P


    12 years ago on Introduction

    That's a cute toy you have there! And awesome Instructable too! :-)