How to Draw Evil Creature Concept Art

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This technique allows someone without any inspiration or idea to create ideas rapidly. The human eye is really good at seeing faces and creatures outta shapes and that is the reason drawing these blobs of black help make creatures. The mutant bunny skinless bunny took only 15 minutes to drew and give a light sketching details and with that i can show a team my idea and then take it make changes if need be or take it to a 3-D modeler and bam. Though i hardly every use color i included a colored version.

also create lore for your character that's really important, but this isn't a tutorial on writing back story.

Im using AutoDesk Sketchbook pro 2011 and an old wacom bamboo tablet.

Step 1: Setting Up

I like to make my canvas a grey it makes it easier for my eyes to see the shape, turn on the symmetry tool, and grab the paint brush tool. Setting up is important it helps keep the work flow going at a nice pace.

Step 2: The Blob

Taking the paint brush i start to randomly make a shape till I start to see a creature and at that point I stop And think about an idea of how the creature should look. Do touch ups add more or less to the figure  till your idea takes more form. As you can see in the first image I began to just randomly paint, but I slowly saw a mutant bunny or owl kinda shape forming so I stopped and began to stare at the shape letting my imagination go wild.

I decided to go with the more bunny shape and add a more pointed ear and claw like hands as you can see in the second photo.

Also before moving on to the next step save and create a duplicate of your silhouette layer in case you make a mistake or want to do a different design.

Step 3: The Detailing.

It's hard to show something to someone by using just words to convey a concept it needs some depth so that others can see. In the first image i take the airbrush tool and start to give out shadows, "under meat" with the guts, and small details like teeth, eyes, ears, nose, and claws. Slow and steady is the key each stroke counts; don't be afraid to change size or opacity. In the second image i slowly went of the image again giving a second coat. In the third image I use the pencil tool at 1.9 b and slowly added lines and details to the image such as the ears and teeth and the guts. the fourth image i zoomed in and gave the eyes some more detail and whiskers to the nose. The fifth image is out lining and defining adding dark black lines where they need to be like the intestine.




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