How to Make a Bow

Introduction: How to Make a Bow

Who wants to drive all the way to the store to buy a bow when you can make your own. You can use this bow for many things for example, to put on a dress, to make a hairbow, but on a headband, to make ring and many other things.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need Fabric, pins, if you are using a sewing machine thread, needle , ruler, scissors.

Step 2:

Messaure the fabric, make it any size you want. My bow was 7in by 10in. Then cut your fabric.

Step 3:

Fold the fabric hotdog style. Then see across the top.

Step 4:

Sew across the bottom

Step 5:

Next turn it inside out like I did in the pictures then line the seam in the middle and sew across the top

Step 6:

Here is the tricky part. Fold the fabric hambuger style and sew across the top.

Step 7:

Now gather the fabric in the middle and sew. Make sure it dosent come apart.

Step 8:

Guess what, your almost done. Cut a strip of fabric and wrap it around the bow. Then sew, if you are making a hairbow or puting iit on a handband then dint sew it to the bow, if you are putting it on a shirt or someting like that then sew it to the shirt(but this hard)

Step 9:


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    6 years ago

    Nice :) but if you want to hide the hand seed bit, see three sides (top, and both sides) and quarter way through on each side of the bottom. Then turn it the right way using the hole at the bottom then hand stitch it.That way when you scrunch it together and add the middle, it doesn't show :)


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    Uuggg i meant typing


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    Im sooo sorry for the mistakes i made in tuping plz dont comment about for i already did