How to Make a Club Sandwich

Introduction: How to Make a Club Sandwich

    We all see it on the menu when we go to any American style restaurant, but do we ever actually think, how do you make a club sandwich? I have pondered this question for my whole 16 years of life, and I finally came up with an answer: with bread, meat, vegetables, and extras, of course!

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Step 1: The Bread

  Like all great sandwiches, it always starts with the bread. It may be fluffy, thick, warm, cold, sometimes even moldy. It’s commonly made with plain old white bread, such as Wonderbread, Sarah Lee, Bunny, or Great Value. But it isn’t set in stone, or stone bread, so you can be adventurous. Try rye, pumpernickel, ciabatta, maybe even sourdough! Remember, you need three layers of bread to make a truly great club, two on the outside and one in the middle. Always remember, the bread is crucial to the sandwich.

Step 2: The Meat

What really makes the club, though, is the meats. It comes with a variety to satisfy any carnivore’s edacious appetite. You need to add juicy smoked bacon, so you can have a bacon explosion going on in your taste buds. Don’t forget the turkey, roasted to meaty perfection. The honey cured ham, practically tasting like you stuck it in a beehive, is the last step of the meat process. If you stack them high and never ask why, you’ll make a sandwich good enough to go into a food coma.

Step 3: The Veggies

   While we’d all like to have diabetes from all the carbohydrates and protein, we really do need some good old vitamins. That’s why we always need vegetables. Some people put a lot and some won’t even let a pea touch their masterpiece of a sandwich. A regular club usually has some thick ripe tomatoes and crunchy lettuce. If you feel like it, you can put any vegetable on it, from eggplant to carrots. With the piquant taste of the vegetables, you’ll have to add even more.

Step 4: "The Extras"

  To make the sandwich even more mouthwatering, you need to add “the extras”. Cheese, mayonnaise, and honey mustard will do. The cheese can be all types of deliciousness. The three main types are sweet, nut-like Swiss; semi-hard sharp Cheddar; and smooth, mild, American cheese. The mayonnaise can be home-made or store bought; either way, it should be creamy and make your sandwich soar with delectation. To add to the honey hams already grand honey taste, add honey mustard, a mix of honey, mustard, and pure genius. It will make your sandwich a winner. So add the tempting extras and never look back.

Step 5: Finale

       Always remember, when making your sandwich, don’t forget he meat, bread, vegetables, and satisfying extras. If you follow these directions, you’ll make one praiseworthy god of a sandwich. You may even find out you have truly excellent culinary abilities!

Step 6:

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    You told us what may be in a sandwich. But you didn't tell us how to make it?

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