How to Make the Steel Scoper

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You'll need:
•Binder Paper
•Glue Stick
•Index Cards

Step 1: One Barrel

Roll the paper in a glue stick

Step 2: Connect and Scope

Connect the tube to the other one and make a scope that's made out of a index card and tape it to the tube

Step 3: Rollin Along

Roll 2 binder papers up with a glue stick, then tape them to the body

Step 4: Strap

Get two binder papers and split the 2 papers in 2 pieces, roll them up with the glue, tape, and put them on the gun

Step 5: Handle

Do the thing on step 4 with the rolls, but use only one paper then tape it on.

Step 6: Done!

Now load it up and flick back to shoot!



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    3 years ago

    Somehow this thing is so attractive


    3 years ago

    So what is this and what does it do or what's its purpose?


    3 years ago

    If I get 5 favorites on any of my instructables I will post how to make this

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