How to Transfer Designs Onto Cookies

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It all starts with a creative cookie idea that includes a design you just can’t draw freehand. Well, you don’t need to scrap the idea and you don’t need to run out and by a Kopykake projector! Believe it or not, you can simply trace your design and transfer it onto your cookie. Creative Cookier, meet The Royal Icing Transfer…

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Step 1:

1. Print out the images you want to transfer in the actual size that you want them to be on your cookies.

2. Lightly grease a transparency sheet with Crisco and set the sheet on top of your printout. If you are worried about the sheet moving, you can tape it down.

3. With royal icing, trace the designs onto the greased transparency sheet. All your typical royal icing rules apply here. So, you may need to pipe a section of the image and let it dry before piping the next. Simply set the transparency sheet aside while the icing dries and then re-align it to the images when you are ready to continue piping.

Step 2:

4. When you finish piping all your royal icing transfers, let them completely dry, preferably overnight.

5. Once completely dry, you can easily slide the royal icing transfers off of the transparency sheets. To apply them to your cookies, you can then either flood your cookies with icing and set the royal icing transfers on the wet icing or squirt some icing on the back of your royal icing transfer to use as glue.

Step 3:

Important Note: Royal icing transfers break easily. Always, always, always make extras! To reduce breakage, choose designs without long thin limbs and pipe your icing in a thick layer.

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    This is an awesome idea! :)