How to Make a Headphone Beanie

Introduction: How to Make a Headphone Beanie

The main thing that we are going to do is take apart some headphones and and put them in a beanie(I'm useing a beanie with ear flaps). The stuff that you are going to need is: a two layer beanie(perfreably with ear flap) ,headphone speakers with a foot of wire connected to each one, a 3.5 mm inline phone jack, a 3.5 steareo male to male cable, a sewing needle with thread and a soldering iron with solder. i did all the work on this project at the TechShop in San Jose.

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Step 1: Soldering the Wires

Before we start soldering stuff we need to trim and prep the wires. Cut the wires and expose the two smaller wires inside the plactic coading. The smaller wires will be two different colors, you can identify which smaller wire is positive or negitive by looking at the back of the speaker. the smaller wires are insulated so you will need to burn the inslation off with either the soldering iron or a lighter. be sure to put the two main wires through the phone jack cover and tie a knot in the wires to keep the wires from pulling on the soldering connections BEFORE you begin to solder. After that you need to group the negitive wires together and keep the two positive seprated.  Solder the the two negitive wires to the largest connection and separately solder the positve wires to the two smaller connections. When the soldered connections are cooled put the phone jack cover over the soldered connectons. plug one end of the 3.5 mm steareo male to male cable into the headphone jack and the other end into a phone with music and test the speakers. If all is well you can move on the next step.  

Step 2: Sewing the Headphones in the Beanie

Before we start sewing your going to want to cut open a hole in the back of the hat that can be sewed back together. Put the headphone assembly in the beanie so that there is a speaker on the left and right sides of the beanie and the headphone jack is in the back of the beanie. While the headphones are loose in the beanie put on the beanie and position the speakers over your ears and try to keep them in that spot in the beanie while you take it off ( this took me abot 5 trys to get in the right spot so try again if it looks like it moved). I found that it helped to put a rubber band around the speaker while it is in the beanie so it wont move while you are sewing it in place. On my speakers there was three holes that where used to clip the speakers into the prevous casing. I used the them to sew the speakers into the hat. If you dont have the holes in your speakers then just sew a circle around the speakers to hold them in place. After that sew the phone jack into the back of the beanie so that it whont slip back into the beanie ( I had to put a washer around the end of the phone jack to keep it there). Then just sew the hole that you cut closed and make sure all the sewing is nice and tight so that it wont come loose. Thats all plug in your phone and enjoy your new headphone beanie.       

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