How to Backup MS Entourage Emails on Mac


Introduction: How to Backup MS Entourage Emails on Mac

MS Entourage is still used by small scale as well as medium scale business. If you also belong to Entourage email community, then you should focus on effective strategy for taking backup regularly which would be helpful in case any disaster strikes.

Some users keep on taking backup with ‘Time Machine’ but it’s not a reliable solution for end-users or administrators. As per expert’s opinions, it consumes a lot of space on local system i.e. required for ‘Time Machine Drive’.

Before initiating the backup process with time machine, you should save a backup copy of Entourage database to another location on same computer. Then, you should proceed further with Time Machine backup.


It may happen sometimes that you may get errors or your Entourage database file might get damaged which may prevent you to take any backup copy earlier. In this context, Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair is a helpful assistance for recovery of lost Entourage components like emails, contacts, folders etc.

Steps to back up Entourage database to another location on Mac volume, mentioned below

Step 1: Find the Office Identity Folder at Local Machine

Before starting backup process, close Entourage Application. Then, you need to follow this - Home → Document →Microsoft User Data. Now, open the folder.

Inside the folder, you will see a folder i.e. Office 2008/2004 identities. Office version depends on the Entourage i.e. used by your local Mac OSX.

Step 2: Detection of Current Database Folder

After finding identity folder (Office 2008/2004), go inside the folder to find main identity of mail application. In some cases, there is a probability of more than 1 identity, so it becomes necessary to identify about the folder which is associated with current email database. To accomplish this task, you should open each & every folder to find database file along today’s date.

Step 3: Complete Backup in Manageable Form

When you reach on targeted database folder, then copy the entire ‘Main Identity’ folder. Now Hold down the Option key, click and drag the targeted Identity folder to another desired location.

After this, you can rename the existing folder name as per your choice. This facility helps you to manage backup files in desired naming convention. To make backup process easier for next time, you should mention the date & time with backup file of MS Entourage.

Other Helpful Tips

Being a pro-active email user, you can consider following initiative as follows:

  • Before running ‘Time Machine’, you should ensure that database is up to date.
  • You can use different backup dates to manage multiple Main Identity folders at local machine
  • Initiate routine backup at equal interval to avoid loss of emails or to prevent damage in Entourage database file
  • Remember that more frequently you follow these instructions to back up your Entourage database, the less data you will lose in case your Entourage data gets damaged or corrupt.



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    After reading this tutorial, I am confident for execution of backup i.e. related to MS Entourage emails on Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite).

    Now, I have no reason to consult with any technical expert.

    Thanks for a helpful stuff.