How to Build Ghost Hunting Gear : $15 IR Booster DIY



Introduction: How to Build Ghost Hunting Gear : $15 IR Booster DIY

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Boost your ability to see in the dark build your own LED IR booster for approximately $15.00 with this step by step instructional video !!! Find Most the parts at your local RADIO SHACK store!!

These IR boosters will works with any Sony HI8 Handy Cam Night Shot Camcorders as well as any DVR systems that user IR Cameras. A great addition to any Ghost Hunters paranormal equipment arsenal.

List of web address's for Parts and Prices:

1.) 10x 8mm 3Chips 60deg 200mW Infrared IR LED Night Vision - 20x $19.00

**Special thanks to KIP KAY's youtube channel for the idea and parts**

2.) SPST High-Current Mini Toggle Switch - $2.99 (Model #275-324)

3.) Project Enclosure (3x2x1") - $2.49 (Model #270-1801)

4.) 9-Volt Battery Holder - $0.99 (Model #270-326)

5.) 10 ohm 1/4W 5% Carbon Film Resistor pk/5 - $0.99 (Model #271-1301)

6.) Fully Insulated 9V Battery Snap Connectors - $2.99 (Model #270-325)

**Special Thanks to "Steve Lojik Lujan" for supplying the Music**

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