How to Build a Website




Learn how to build a Website. First you need an idea, what your making the website about. A info, entertainment, or blog type site. You want a topic that interest you, so you keep adding post or pages to it. Hopefully you already have you idea then you can go on to picking you domain. Google and Bing have ways you can see what people search for, and how popular it is.

Step 1: How to Build a Website - Step 1

Pick a Domain, and register it. This should cost around $10 a year. You Domain should have Keywords that are related to what your website is about. It also helps if its catchy name, I've found a few places online that say it should be to long. But I have a site " " and it comes up on the first page when you search "How to make a Paracord Bracelet" and the 2nd page when you search "Paracord Bracelet". So if its an exact match it may not matter if its longer. Its always best to get the .com, you can even use - in between words if the .com isn't available.

Step 2: How to Build a Website - Step 2

Get server space, you need to rent a server, where your website content will be stored. This should cost around $10 a month. Note: Free Websites are really free, they control your content, put ads on your site that they make money from. Plus they don't look professional, and might charge you to move your site. I use Godaddy for my servers, and namecheap for my domains, because their cheaper.

Step 3: How to Build a Website - Step 3

Pick a platform for your blog. I would highly recommend Wordpress. They have hundreds of Free Templates and add on's, you can customize it with CSS, and its simple to manage. Some hosting companies have templates included in their services, but I have found that Wordpress templates look about better.

Step 4: How to Build a Website - Step 4

Add content to your website. Make pages and add posts, you can research searched terms to find what people are searching for, to help you pick your page titles. You also want to make sure it's SEO'd so search engine will find it. What is SEO?

Step 5: How to Build a Website - Step 5

Advertise you site, you can pay for advertising, get on social media, get links to your site. This is the most important part, and how people find your site and rank in search engines. The more links you have the better search engines think you site is. Note: you only want links from sites related to yours. LearnHow to Build a Website, and how to Make Money Online.



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