How to Calculate and Wiring a Toroid Inductor

Introduction: How to Calculate and Wiring a Toroid Inductor

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Hello and welcome to Toroid inductor making room!!

first of all I don't like to wast people time by introductions and this kind of stuff so we're going to do it ...

all of our videos time is about 22min, please watch them! it's better for your designing too.

A toroid inductor cores have two kind of material: Ferrite(used in high frequency) & Iron powder (for low and high frequency) although there is some special material too, but they're not typical.

and the permeability of Ferrite cores is so higher than Iron powder and it's mean you can have bigger inductance with less wiring. so if your frequency is higher than 1KHZ use Ferrite cores.

For introduce and more initial info of this cores we making a video that you can watch it from here:

introduce the Toroids

In the next we're start the designing. At the first we must know the diameter of our core. Each core have 3 diameter and it's really important in designing. So watch our next video to find out how you can measure them:

measureing toroid diameters

Now its designing time... at the first time that I like to do it by myself, I was read many articles and application notes, but when I found that there is some sites that they do it in second I feel some .... so if you like to do it simple and easy please watch our next video to show you how you can use this kind of sites and etc...

Toroid inductor design by using online sites

OK by watching 3 previous video you know how to design and calculate your toroid inductor, but can you tel me how you can do wiring them? if you don't like to wast your time and your money and of course your moral control !! please watch our final video to find out how you can wiring a toroid core simple and easy in home:

An easy way to wiring Toroid cores

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