How to Color a Valentines (or Any Other) Card With "Gamsol Magic"

Introduction: How to Color a Valentines (or Any Other) Card With "Gamsol Magic"

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I have always loved to color.  First I colored with crayons, then with markers, then with color pencils, then with water color pencils.  One day I came across something called “Gamsol Magic”.  This process takes your coloring to a whole new level.  I fell in love and I use it a lot in creating the cards I make for my Hubby, for Father’s Day, our Anniversary, and last but not least, Valentine’s Day.    I will now show you how to use the process called “Gamsol Magic.  Here we go!

Step 1:

A picture to color (this can be from a stamp, or go on line and down load a picture, or draw one yourself)
Prisma color pencils (these are a wax based color pencil.  You can buy them individually for about $2.00 each)
Blending stubs (+/-$2 for a package of 5)
Emery board (or sand paper)
Gamsol (or any other artist quality odorless mineral spirits)
Pencil sharpener
a small lid (I used a soda bottle lid)

Step 2:

Choose the Prisma color pencils to be used to color the picture.  Make sure they are sharp.

Make sure the blending stubs are semi sharp and color free, by rubbing them on the emery board or sand paper.

Step 3:

Start coloring the picture.  Use the colors for contrast or to compliment.  Color two colors close together, okay they should touch each other in some places. Use the one or two colors everywhere that color will be used on the picture.

Step 4:

Pour a little odorless mineral spirits into a small container and dip a clean blending stub into the spirits.  Now using the stub, rub over the colored area.  To blend two colors together, use a little circular motion. If the stub starts to squeak, it is too dry, so keep re-dipping the stub in the mineral spirits.  Remember that odorless mineral spirits evaporates quickly, so keep the lid on the bottle, and just use a little in the extra lid.

Step 5:

Next color the next set of areas with the next chosen colors.

Here is a picture of an area that is just colored, next to an area that has had the mineral spirits used on it.

Step 6:

Keep working.  The picture is almost done.

Step 7:

Add a sentiment and sign the picture/card.  Now it is complete. 

Step 8:

Here is another picture colored by the same process.  Looks great doesn’t it.  It’s easy and it makes your work look like you killed yourself to do it.  Not bad at all.  Enjoy!

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    2 years ago

    I'm just now learning about these paper stubs. Only took art in jr. high school and they didn't cover them. Thanks for sharing. Looks fantastic!