How to Create Melting Crayon-Wax Art



Introduction: How to Create Melting Crayon-Wax Art

What do you use to draw with? You may think, crayons and colored pencils right? Well for this project, this shows you how to do melted crayon art. Most people think of crayons, (not melted) colored pencils, markers, etc, but we're doing something different. Yes, there are some similar products. Some people make art using pencils, pens, markers,  dried crayons, and very few people use wax. The product is just melting crayon (the wax) to show a different design of art. The purpose of this project it to show that there are many other materials people can use to create art without just using dried crayons and markers etc.

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Step 1: What Materials Do You Need to Make This Product?

Crayons (preferably 64 or 94 box)
Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: `

Step 1. Plug up hot glue gun. It should take the hot glue gun about 5-10 minutes to get really hot! Do not put a glue gun stick inside
Step 2. Decide what design or picture your going to do on the canvas.
Step 3. Peel off the crayons of the colors that you are going to use for your canvas.
Step 4. At this point the glue should be hot and ready! Instead of putting a  glue gun stick, you will place a crayon inside the glue gun. Keep the crayon inside the glue gun for about 2 minutes to let the crayon to start melting inside the glue gun. After the 2 minutes are over, squeeze the glue gun onto the canvas and start to make your design!

**Tip**: To clean the melted crayons from the inside of the glue gun, just add a glue gun stick inside to clean all the color from the crayons.
** This project should take 20-45 minutes depending on how many canvas' you do, or on how big your canvas is.

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