How to Distress Furniture With a Wire Wheel and Paint

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Intro: How to Distress Furniture With a Wire Wheel and Paint

In this fun episode, I show you the process of distressing furniture with a wire wheel and then using Dixie Belle chalk Paint to transform trashed up furniture into a work of amazing art! With this distressing technique, you will easily amaze your friends and clients. It will look sandblasted, but way less expensive!

Purchase the chalk paint here:

Step 1: First the Power Tool Fun!

Grad yourself a drill and a wire wheel attachment and start grinding away layers of wood. This part is very easy, just slightly dangerous, so please use proper safety gear and precaution.

Step 2: Ready to Paint

Here I just painted one color on the lower part of where it was grinded down and then painted a different color on all of the high spirits to really give it an aged and weathered look.

Step 3:



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