How to Fast





Introduction: How to Fast

I've been fasting from Sunrise until sunset for 30 days a year for 3 years for my religion. I decided to teach people how to fast like me!

Step 1: Eat Plenty

Whether a 12-hour fast, a 24-hour fast, or a week-long fast, you need to fill yourself up to get ready. In my 12-hour fast experience, I eat a light breakfast and a few glasses of water. For a 24-hour fast, you may want to eat some more. For a weeklong fast, you may want to eat a horse and suck the Nile dry.

Step 2: Don't Eat.

Now for the main bulk of the fasting process. I'd say meat, but you won't be having any. You will now not eat or drink anything at all (except for a weeklong fast, in which you'll need to drink water so that you live.) Don't think about any food at all. If you need to, read and occupy yourself with other activities. I've never thought of breaking my fast, even working for 5 hours every Saturday at my family's Quizno's or at lunch in school.

Step 3: Pig Out!

You've just finished fasting! Now, you can pig out all you want! Get some food and stuff it down that piehole! Congratulations!

Step 4: Warning!

Do NOT fast to try and lose weight. It's unhealthy and you'll just gain it all back. However, if you really want to, be sure to drink plenty of water during your "fast"

If you feel that you may pass out or faint during your fast, ditch it and drink plenty of water and eat a snack.

Thanks for reading my instructable on how to fast! I hope you read my others!



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    13 Discussions

    You could have put in more detail to make this a great Instructable! Good concept though!

    So in short eat and then don't eat??? Sorry but this is a lousy instructable. Fasting is a psycholigical thing. You need to convince yourself you won't die if you don't eat for a couple of hours. Don't eat too much. Better to eat a little of everything. Be consistent. If you plan on fasting for a month, continue fasting every day. Every time you break up and start again, it makes it a lot harder. It usually takes about 3 days to get used to it.

    2 replies

    Dude, I've been fasting for twelve hours a day (sunrise to sunset) for the past month. my mother is a dietitian and nutritionist.

    For a 12 hour fast or 24 hour fast your instructable is good, however fasting any longer then that, it could use some work, and having a mother who is a dietitian and nutritionist, she would tell you that after not eating anything for a week or even longer, your body won't enjoy a big greasy cheese burger (( No matter how much some one might want to eat it, most peoples bodies will let them know this was a bad idea )) and to resume eating complex carbs like grains, breads, vegetables, and then introduce meats and fats and lipids after a day or two....... And It's good you stated fasting to lose weight is unhealthy.... (( Because it really is ))

    I wouldn't recommend eating as much as you want to at the end of your fast. If you eat too much (and/or too quickly) after fasting it will make you sick.

    1 reply

    especially if it's foods with a high fat content, or high sugar, processed foods you'll end up sick or feeling sorry for yourself... And Coffee is fun after not having caffeine for a while....

    it's to make us feel how poor ppl in other countries .....and our prophet, Muhammad s.a.w. also fast last time when he was stranded in the middle of a desert.....only with 'korma' (dates) and milk........they had limited supply of food so they decided to only eat at sunrise and sunset.....:D

    I`m a Muslim too and I also fast during the Ramadan.I`m 13 and It`s the first time I fasted the whole Ramadan(this year it`s at the same time as September).By the way:nice instructable,It`s good to have some cultural info on instructables. :) Oh,and It`s dawn to sunrise.

    1 reply

    Great job! I was fasting today. It gets really easy after you do it for a week.

    Step 1: Don't eat. The End. :) I'm actually glad you posted this b/c I never quite understood how these fasts worked. It's always great to be culturally educated. Thanks.