How to Husk Coconut Using Local-made Tool




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Ours is a Coconut growing country and we get fresh coconuts anytime of the year. If we buy the coconuts in bulk say 8 to 10 numbers, then we can buy them cheaper. But the husked coconuts do not stay fresh for long and the coconut meat deteriorates over time. So we buy coconuts with the husk and remove husks as and when required.

Most of the time we use a bill hooked machete for husking coconut, but the local craftsmen have fabricated a new tool, which makes husking of coconut very easy.

In this instructable let us see how to husk the coconut using the local-made tool

Step 1: The Husking Tool

The husking tool is about 2 ft in height and has a main frame in vertical position with a rectangular support at bottom. You can press the support with your foot while husking

The top portion is made of two arrow shaped metal plates, one is fixed with the frame and the other one can be moved with a lever

Step 2: Husk Coconut

  • Take a coconut and remove the cap covering the growing end
  • Keep the tool in vertical position and put one foot on the support at bottom
  • Hold the coconut on both hands at ends and lightly strike and push coconut over the sharp metal plates at top
  • Now lift up the lever, which will open the moving metal plate and split the husk
  • Continue to split the husk all around. Best results can be achieved by striking the coconut slightly off center

Step 3: Remove Coconut From Husk

  • Once the husk is split on all sides, take the coconut from the tool
  • Now you can easily pull and remove the husk from the coconut

If you want to keep the coconut fresh for a few days, then keep the fibre covering the three eyes of coconut intact.



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    1 year ago

    Hello, i am from hyderabad Can u say me the cost of the tool

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    It is around 200 Rupees. Search in village areas where you will get it for less