How to Install New Battery in IPhone 5 in 5 Easy Steps




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Nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later any iPhone owner will have to put up with inevitable fact: a battery capacity dropped to disastrous level and it has to be replaced. Yes, authorized shop will do the job, but that would certainly come at a price. In the meantime the operation itself is not too complicated and anyone is able to do it oneself.

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Step 1: Tools for IPhone 5 Battery Replacement

Tools to be needed for a battery:

  1. Vacuum suction cup;
  2. 5-point security screwdriver;
  3. Phillips screwdriver;
  4. Pry tool.

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Step 2: Removing Screws of the Connector on the Bottom

Use cross-head screwdriver to remove 2 screws on both sides of the connector on the bottom.

Step 3: Open Up IPhone

Put your suction cup right above the Home button and press firmly. Apply pressure on cup handle (not excessively) and pop open one side of your display.

Then use pry tool to work at remaining latches going along the display line.

Leave the display attached to casing in the area of a speaker and frontal camera.

Step 4: Removing the Metal Plate

Swing the display up and remove (use cross-head screwdriver) the metal plate securing cables to the phone with. After that delicately remove connectors and take off the screen.

Step 5: Battery Disconnection

Remove two screws from the metal plate, that presses contacts to the motherboard and disconnect the battery. Try to get the battery out by pulling the release tab.

Warning. Usually one has to use a pry tool to get a battery out since it may be glued strongly. Do not use a screwdriver – there is a risk of damaging the battery.

Step 6: Insert New Battery

Insert new battery and use our guide to reassemble your phone going backwards.

Warning. If there is no connection after you have switched your phone on, do not panic, there is a small trick. Go to Settings and adjust current time and date, then restart your iPhone.

Enjoy changing over a battery in your iPhone 5 and save maintenance costs! After you have finished your iPhone is back on track!

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Step 7: Watch a 3-minute Video Guide on Replacing IPhone 5 Battery

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    2 years ago

    Hi, dont forget to get the exact same APN for your battery.

    For example if your is 616-0613

    you need this one


    2 years ago

    As you can see, there are more than the 2 pins normally needed for a battery. I've been told there was a code recorded in genuine Apple batteries and I think that's not false. I replaced a battery with a chinese one and the iPhone always asked for an iTunes connexion but didn't work then. Putting the old battery in and the iPhone worked again.


    2 years ago

    Had to change the battery on my iPhone 5 a couple of months ago. It was an easy job. But getting the battery out of the phone was really difficult because it was glued quite firmly.
    Good idea to make an Instructable for it. This might help some people to fix this themselves.


    2 years ago

    Sealed phones suck. Great work.


    2 years ago

    How similar is the process for replacement of the battery of a 5th gen iPod touch?